Welcome to Kids Share Workshops!

****PLEASE NOTE: Kids Share Workshops in early 2016 will be teaming up with a worldwide children’s organization. Stay tuned!


The mission of Kids Share Workshops since 2008 has always been to inspire and empower children around the world, to share his/her lives and communities through co-created illustrations and storytelling.


Kristina's daughter Phoebe with Vivi in Panajachel, Guatemala

Kristina’s daughter Phoebe with Vivi in Panajachel, Guatemala

Kids Share Workshops is an after school program focused on creative teamwork. Our goal is to empower children through the creative arts by creating positive memories of our time together.

Kids Share strives to provide a safe environment where kids can just continue being kids. Through fun storytelling and co-created illustrations, they are able to freely express themselves in an environment where they are listened to, validated, and understood. Custom created workshops are 1-5 days, 2-4 hours per day. Schedule a Workshop: Kristina@KidsShareWorkshops.com

This website is redesigned and updated regularly. Our past websites become static one year after a workshop.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Kids Share Workshops!

  1. Ms. Kristina! Your awesome! You’re an absolute genius to think to create a business to make sure everybody is having their equal part of art!

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