“One child has the potential to empower and positively change their community, country, and the world!”

The Mission of Kids Share Workshops since 2008 has always been to inspire and empower youth by working cross-culturally together, sharing his/her lives and communities through filmmaking, creative art, and writing workshops. This results in a documentary film and published a book for each participant to have as an inspiration to the power within!

Kristina Applegate, Kids Share Workshops

Is a woman-owned, small business; focusing on creative workshop development with other non-profits, through team building. Active recruitment of team leader professionals who lead young people in the creative arts. The focus is on the arts (cultural affairs), education and humanities

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” -Andre Gide

Photographs by Wari Om and Logo by Pfeifer Design

Published by

Kristina Applegate, Kids Share Workshops

Kristina Applegate focuses on reaching individuals who are seeking a creative voice through social activism using storytelling tools. Kristina develops domestic and international team building projects in the creative arts through; multimedia, publishing, and film-making. *Many of the stunning photographs on this website and www.kidsharezambia are taken by Wari Om Photography https://www.wari.cat

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