Project Experience

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Saffron from the SnapVille Family

SnapVille Family was created by Kids Share Workshops and founder Kristina Applegate in January 2019. She wanted to find a way to reach children through emoji characters that have facial recognition, allowing one to animate their own character. Kristina saw through her own children, how simple character interactive exchanges with friends and family had a very healing ability and, bringing the child and parent together in the new world!

Kristina’s motivation came from trying to communicate with her 14-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter. She quickly created Saffron from the SnapVille Family who is a Saugy, not a hot dog. And her entrepreneurial spirit saw a way to communicate with her children!

Many parents who are not tech savvy, can find it difficult to communicate with their children due to the gap of communication growing with technology. Currently, Kristina is using SnapChat characters to hopefully change that. The goal is to make it fun for parents and children to share short stories as a means of feeling better and happier.

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Illustrative Work

Clients have included; Tibetan Children’s Villages in Bylakuppe, India, Central Vermont Schools, USA, Portland, Oregon, USA,  San Ramon and El Roblar Nicaraguan (coffee communities), Panajachel Guatemala primary school, Eastern and Western Costa Rica (coffee communities), an ongoing partnership with the community of Newtown, Connecticut, and most recently, Chongwe, Zambia, Africa

Project Experience

2016-2018 Kids Share Workshops taught at the Bimbe Primary School and the Home of Hope, a safe house for young women in child protection. Our team was carefully screened to work with vulnerable children. We reached over 150 children. Kids Share was a Master Vendor with World Vision USA and Zambia.

Published by

Kristina Applegate, Kids Share Workshops

Kristina Applegate focuses on reaching individuals who are seeking a creative voice through social activism using storytelling tools. Kristina develops domestic and international team building projects in the creative arts through; multimedia, publishing, and film-making. *Many of the stunning photographs on this website and www.kidsharezambia are taken by Wari Om Photography

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