There is a lot to share here! If you have the time, we have added 1-5 min. video interviews and clips of how others feel about Kids Share Workshops after experiencing it. These video clips are unedited and awesome! We love our team leaders and the communities we reach.

Zambia Workshop Feedback

Kids Share Workshops (KSW) taught at the Bimbe Primary School and the Home of Hope, a safe house for young women in child protection. located in Chongwe, Zambia. The intimate, unedited short videos below share project experiences from the heart of how important others felt KSW work was for their community. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Rahsaan Graham-Project Manager World Vision USA. Rahsaan shares his thoughts about Kids Share Workshops and why he felt it was a success with World Vision Zambia. Rahsaan was a great support as a project facilitator between the World Vision Zambia team and Kids Share Workshops team.

Alice Namuyamba-ZEELO Project Manager/World Vision. Alice speaks passionately about her experience with Kids Share Workshops and Kristina and Kathy as team leaders. She felt the young woman particularly felt safe expressing their feelings about their future in a safe place.

Below: Alice continues to express her appreciation for Kids Share’s positive influence in one of World Vision’s ADP’s in Chongwe and how it has brought joy to the children. She also comments on the importance of the published book, its impact and how rare it is for children to own a book.

Brian Musole-Head Teacher, Bimbe Primary School in Chongwe Zambia, Africa. Brian shares his great appreciation for Kids Share Workshops and Kristina Applegate’s team leaders. Douglas Ndango Dube-ZEELO Project Driver shares his insights on how Kids Share choose their community from all over the world and what that means to him.

Kathy Chattoraj-Artist/Kids Share Team Leader

Kathy’s journey to Zambia with Kids Share Workshops and founder Kristina met with a lot of emotional surprises for Kathy. She was filled with awe while working in the Bimbe community and Home of Hope. Often she reflects on the differences between her children’s culture and that of a child living in Zambia.

Kathy continues to talk about wanting to see Kids Share reach more children and how she wants to be involved in the growth.

Dancing with Bimbe Children, “And I do this”

At the end of the two-week book building workshop, the children and Kids Share team leaders celebrate their hard work. The children ask for Kristina and Kathy to dance with them to a unique, copy me if you can sing-a-long.

Our Return-Kids Share Celebration!

After three months, Kristina and her team return with two additional surprise guests. Her daughter Phoebe and young singer/songwriter Sophie Beem. They are surprised to be greeted by a very large crowd awaiting the Kids Share Zambia book unveiling and performance by Sophie!

Below: We were incredibly honored that Brain spontaneously made up an awesome Kids Share chant that went village viral!

Sophie Beem singer/songwriter traveled to Zambia, Africa with the Kids Share Zambia team, to perform her now well-known song GLOW. This song was created for Kids Share Zambia and World Vision’s Bimbe Primary School and Home of Hope in Chongwe,.

It was very touching to see how excited and nervous Sophie was to perform for the Chongwe community. She cared deeply if they would love the song GLOW she had created for them and other songs she performed.

Illustrative Work

Clients have included; Tibetan Children’s Villages in Bylakuppe, India, Central Vermont Schools, USA, Portland Oregon-Migration Community,  San Ramon and El Roblar Nicaraguan-coffee communities, Panajachel Guatemala primary school, Eastern and Western Costa Rica (coffee communities), an ongoing partnership with the community of Newtown, Connecticut, and most recently, Chongwe, Zambia, Africa

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