Mission Statement

Since 2008 Kids Share Workshop’s mission has always been to inspire and empower youth by working cross-culturally together; sharing lives and communities through storytelling, the creative arts, filmmaking and, community leadership projects. Our focus is on social change.


Kids Share Workshops focus on helping youth with team-building skills. Custom-created projects are designed while building a published book together. Some of the projects we help facilitate: creating a published book as authors and artists, photography, film introduction, job development, and community art installations. All of these activities help young people feel empowered about their future. 

Leadership projects help youth work together as team leaders. Within the safety of school grounds and/or community environment, a student-run cooperative can be quickly established, developed, and monitored by community volunteers and the Kids Share Workshops team. We focus on issues concerning youth and young adults worldwide. The following are examples; Climate Change, Poverty, Conflict, Corruption, Migration, Unemployment, Discrimination, Fake News, Technology, Education, Civil Rights, Health. 

The sustainable Kids Share Workshops curriculum includes carefully designed instructions and tools. It can be easily followed to completion by youth and adult supervisors through picture diagrams with different languages, allowing our curriculum to be independently taught with the assistance of our team. We are able to teach remotely via classroom platforms or in person.  The end result is a uniquely published book, beautiful illustrations, a community art installation, and an independent short film. The published book acts as a resume and a reminder of empowerment through teamwork!


Kids Share Workshops (KSW) is not a nonprofit organization. KSW works with small to large nonprofits, other youth for-profit organizations and for profit companies as a contracted team. We do work with many volunteers and often our paid contractors volunteer time as well. Our mission to expand our workshops, is dependent on larger organizations to include KSW in their “library” of programs that are offered to youth worldwide. 

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