Mission Statement

Since 2008 Kids Share Workshop’s mission has been to inspire and empower youth and communities to create cross-culturally together through creative book building and job development workshops.

Vision: We are dedicated to giving as many children as possible a creative voice for social change through storytelling and creating job development projects that fit their culture and environmental needs.

The Essence of Kids Share UPDATE: We have added Job Development Workshops to our Curriculum!!

Kristina Applegate, founder of Kids Share Workshops talks in-depth about what a workshop looks like, and how unique each one can be.

If you have time and are curious, this video clip is about sitting down with Kristina and hearing in detail what KSW is about from 2010-2017. She talks about the steps we take to build Kids Share Workshops. Each community and country is unique. And how it impacts her team and the children we work with. Please watch the next video to continue…

Kids Share Conclusion

Kristina continues to talk about the workshop’s conclusion with the return trip and her passion and dream to see Kids Share grow.

Wild Africa-Blooper!

As the founder is discussing her daughter’s experience with Kids Share Zambia,  a Bush-Hopper creeps up to steal the interview!

How We Work

We focus on youth organizations with years of experience to help us reach children, and young adults living in stressful communities. Our core team works closely with team leaders to ensure that a carefully crafted curriculum is designed to fit the community we reach.

Our Success

We recruit fresh professional team leaders within each country and abroad, based on their experience in education, community leadership, filmmaking, the arts, and journalism. Each workshop is freshly-designed and co-created with the organization we team up with. Kristina Applegate, project manager recruits team leaders who are passionate about sharing their trade with youth.

Where We Work

Anywhere in the world where children live in stressful conditions – partner organizations all play a part in where we reach youth. We primarily focus on rural communities suffering from a lack of education and poverty.

Our Passion

We work with larger organizations that are supporting youth, by giving them freedom of speech through creative outlets. Some of the locations we reach are cut off from modern amenities. We feel the paperback book coupled with modern technology is their best chance to be heard.  Our team is passionate about publishing carefully crafted stories through our custom curriculums.

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