Mission Statement

Kids Share Workshop’s mission is to inspire and empower youth through job development opportunities and English as a second language, book-building workshops.


Kids Share Workshops provide an opportunity for the next generation of youth to work together for the purpose of creative and sustainable job development opportunities to help with educational costs. Within the safety of public school grounds and the permission of the board of directors, a student-run cooperative is quickly established, developed, and monitored by volunteer school educators. The sustainable Kids Share Workshops project kits include carefully designed instructions and tools easily built by youth and adult supervisors. Three examples of job development kits to choose from are; (1) The construction of an artificial tilapia pond, (2) quinoa farming, a nutrient-rich grain in salinity conditions, and (3) building secure portable toilets and showers. A nutritional lunch is provided during all the project workshops. At the school or community center where each project is successfully executed, students and volunteers who take pride in running the cooperative enjoy the long term success in bringing a community together.

Creativity and Play:

Kids Share Workshops encourages partnerships with other youth organizations that have established an existing community center, library, or school. Success comes from working together by adding additional value to a community by incorporating the construction of the new job development project together. In addition to the job development project, traditional Kids Share (1-2 hour daily) book-building (English as a second language) workshops can occur either during school or after school. Each participant will receive their very own published book sharing their job development work contributions as a resume and source of pride.


Completing a sustainable, independently youth-run project built from Kids Share Workshops kits comes from the support of professional volunteers, larger nonprofits, corporations, and individual grants. 100% of the cooperative job development profits earned go towards school enrollment costs.



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