Mission Statement

Since 2008 Kids Share Workshops has inspired young people by teaching a therapeutic Story-Bridge, team-building, and art curriculum, encouraging a more hopeful future.


KSW works alongside nonprofits and schools, helping youth come together; through a carefully guided group therapeutic workshop. KSW is taught either domestically in a school setting or cross-culturally in a community setting. 

The results empower students to move past roadblocks through their storytelling, self-awareness, practical problem-solving, optimism, empathy, and compassion; positively impacting their lives and community.

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The therapeutic Writing Curriculum (KSW) constructed using a Storybridge model, is the workshop’s primary focus. Child Therapists, Social Workers, Educators, and Kristina Applegate, founder, designed the curriculum in three parts with various custom themes. When the custom theme is chosen, children are guided to write the end of their story first (only a positive outcome), next the beginning of the story (where they are today), and finally, the middle (problem-solving/to reach the end goal). The results are always inspiring! Please read below about other workshop activities. Top Menu

Therapeutic Art Projects (KSW) (Paper-Art, Abstract Portraits, and Co-Created Murals) are the workshop’s primary art focus. Kristina Applegate, the founder, came up with the idea inspired by Eric Carle, author, and illustrator of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” She wanted to share a cultural immersion experience by bringing together children from the USA with their foreign counterparts. Art, coupled with writing, seemed like a fantastic transferable way for youth to connect from around the globe. Students learn to co-create beautiful designs used in their artwork, much like Eric Carle’s designs. Kristina’s professional illustrations and art-directed community pieces incorporate children’s paper art from domestic and worldwide Kids Share Workshops! Top Menu

Below is an example from our curriculum to help facilitators understand the core design. 

Psychological Framework

Story-Bridge | Solution-Focused Therapy

“Elements of the desired solution are usually already present in the person’s life.”

Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) is designed to assist individuals with change by constructing solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Elements of the desired solution are usually already present in the person’s life and become the basis for ongoing change. Individuals are encouraged to imagine the future they want and then his/her team support collaborates on a series of steps to achieve that goal. This form of therapy involves developing a vision of one’s future and then determining what skills, resources, and abilities a person already possesses that can be enhanced in order to attain the desired outcome. 

Existential Therapy

“Individuals create their own meaning.”

Existential Therapy emphasizes the importance of the here-and-now and considers that the person is in a constant process of becoming through “choosing”, “valuing”, “accepting”, and “rejecting”. The existential approach recognizes that individuals are capable of an extensive range of experiences and possess the inner freedom to become the person they choose to become.  Existential Therapy is an open-minded approach and does not limit individuals through pre-established categories and interpretations. 

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

“Behavior change is the result of a change in one’s thoughts and beliefs.”

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapeutic intervention, which focuses on changing a person’s behavior by changing her or his thoughts and perceptions. This approach encourages the person to step outside of any concerns and consider alternative perspectives on their concerns, which will allow for behavior change. CBT includes generating agreement on the target problems and establishing clarity around factors maintaining those problems.  Top Menu


Below is one of many recent and unique examples of how after a Kids Share Workshops we are able to measure success.

Feedback after a Kids Share Workshop, from La Touche in Togo West Africa.

“The Togolese government just authorized visitation and activities back in the prisons. And you know what, this time since August, I got inspiration from your Kids Share Workshops in April by introducing a new approach to La Touche activities. We asked the inmates to draw and/or write their own stories, just like we learned with the Kids Share curriculum, and was just amazing! With the art supplies left from your workshop, we used crayons, which proved to be therapeutic.

When you return someday to Togo, you will see for yourself the beautiful outcome! Kristina, you gave me new inspiration through your Kids Share Workshops. Please feel free to count this as a positive testimony from Sylvia Enyonam of La Touche. Thank you!” Top Menu



Kids Share Workshops (KSW) are contracted independently by nonprofits and for-profit organizations. Top Menu

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