Enjoy reading about our domestic workshops and visiting the sites listed below. Kids Share Workshops has worked both domestically and internationally since 2008, in the area of storytelling and art to help bring about hope and social change in stressed communities and children.

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(2015) Kids Share Newtown Totems

(2013-2014) Kids Share Newtown

(2012-2013) Kids Share in Costa Rica, Oregon & Vermont

(2011-2012) Kids Share in Guatemala & Vermont

(2010-2011) Kids Share in Nicaragua & Vermont

(2008-2009) Kids Share in India & Vermont

Kids Share Workshops Home Page

Past Workshops Details

  • (2008-2009) Kids Share in India & Vermont Back in 2007 through 2009 when Kids Share Workshops (KSW) was being developed from Portraits for Charity, the focus was on creating art for adults dealing with cancer and helping to raise money for a small, rural community in Vermont…
  • (2010-2011) Kids Share in Nicaragua & Vermont We are cross-culturally connected through narrative writing and the arts, with the children in El Roblar, San Ramon, Nicaragua.
  • (2011-2012) Kids Share in Guatemala & Vermont Thanks to the support of Partners of the Americas Guatemala chapter leaders and travel grants, Kids Share Workshops was able to reach a small community in Panajachel located on Lake Atitlan.
  • (2012-2013) Kids Share in Costa Rica, Oregon & Vermont Thanks to the support of Partners of the Americas volunteers, travel grants, and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters traveling funding, Kids Share Workshops was able to reach over 200 children in Costa Rica, Oregon, and Vermont!
  • (2013-2014) Kids Share Newtown Welcome to the home of Kids Share Workshops’ latest project, dedicated to healing the community of Newtown, Connecticut.
  • (2015) Kids Share Newtown Totems This will be our first workshop where we will not name the school or children’s first names. For example, Each child photographed and shared on this website will be called by their totem name, based on their zodiac totem sign.
  • (2016-2017) Kids Share Zambia The Kids Share Zambia Workshop was an exceptional workshop, because of the incredible teamwork and compassion from both cultures and their leaders. We delivered all the way from the USA.
  • (2022) Kids Share & La Touche Togo, West Africa Our grassroots workshop in Togo West Africa was possible through our first GoFundMe page! Kristina Applegate, founder, her husband William Tapley, and their teenage children, Leo, Alexander, and Francesca volunteered with the La Touche community, helping to make a very successful workshop with 50 local children!

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