Thank you for visiting this page! Below is our current fundraiser, Art Gallary link, and Pricing Options. We are a contracted organization that works with nonprofits in the USA and abroad. We offer tax exemptions for donations with our umbrella nonprofit linked to each workshop.

Current Fundraisers

(April 2022)

GoFundMe Kids Share & La Touche, Lome Togo, West Africa

Kids Share Workshops will teach with La Touche in Lome Togo, West Africa, April 5-7, 2022! We are raising funds to lead youth suffering while living in poverty. Some are ex-detainees learning how to become independent and responsible young adults. The money raised through this page will support workshop supplies, meals, and a book published for each child and community.

Art Gallery


It is effortless to get started with a custom rendition, portrait, or mural! Pick your size and price below, email Kristina your details with at least three attached photos you would like rendered. Once payment is received either as a or custom large rendering via Venmo or personal check. Shipping is included with the pricing below. Please scroll down to see pricing.

Renditions for Social Change

((Currently, KSW is fundraising for Kids Share Togo, West Africa!))

100% goes towards Projects! Your purchase will help with much-needed art supplies, lunches, and volunteer expenses. Thank you!

**For larger pieces please see Custom Renderings below.

8×10” 1 Person or 1 Animal $199

11×14” 1 Person or 1 Animal $259

Custom Renderings

*These sizes take longer and support the artist.

(How to pay is listed below.)

12×16” (up to) 2 Person or 2 Animals $329

16×20” (up to) 2 People or 2 Animals $399

20×24” (up to) 3 People $459

24×30” (up to) 3 People $499

24×36” (up to) 3 People $529

30×40” (up to) 3 People $579

36×48” (up to) 3 People $649


The following turnaround is from the day you place your order to the day you receive it at your door.

Renderings are done in mixed media of, pencil, acrylic, paper art, and other media. All artwork is non-toxic, durable, and non-fading.

Renditions for Social Change Timing

7-14 days for 8×10” and 11×14”

14-20 days for 12×16” and 16×20”

Custom Rendering Timing

15-25 days for 20×24”, 24×30”, and 24×36”

30 days or sooner for 30×40 and 36×48”

Payment Options

Once payment is received Kristina will start immediately pending any roadblocks.

Renditions for Social Change Service

Custom Renderings

*It is simple. There are two safe ways.

Venmo the amount after contacting Kristina via email with details.

Mail Check payable to:

Kids Share Workshops, Kristina Applegate

PO Box 600652 Saint Johns, FL 32260

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