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“Book Building Workshops for Emerging Young Artists.”

Kristina's daughter Phoebe with Vivi in Panajachel, Guatemala
June 2010: Kristina Applegate’s daugther Phoebe (age 8) with Vivi in Panajachel, Guatemala

Many children around the world never receive a basic education. In many developing countries an education is not a given right, but a privilege.

The Mission of Kids Share Workshops since 2008 has always been to inspire and empower children around the world, to share his/her lives and communities through storytelling resulting in a published book.

Our goal is to empower children in the creative arts with positive memories of our time together. Kids Share strives to provide a safe environment where kids can be kids. Through fun storytelling and co-created illustrations, they are able to freely express themselves in an environment where they are listened to, validated, and understood through a book making workshop.

*About the founder, Kristina Applegate and her humble beginnings.

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*Kids Share Workshops and Publishing Inc. is a non-denominational organization. We respect the beliefs of all religions.**This website is redesigned and updated regularly. Our individual workshop websites become static one year after a workshop.