Kristina's daughter Phoebe with Vivi in Panajachel, Guatemala
June 2010: Kristina Applegate’s daugther Phoebe (age 8) with Vivi in Panajachel, Guatemala

Books Bringing Us Together

“Book Building Workshops for Emerging Young Artists.”

Approximately half of the world’s population of children live without owning their own books and any access to the rest of the world—they are the young victims of war, natural disasters, injustice, and economic stress. This lack of security can be emotionally traumatic by keeping children from growing into strong adults. They often feel trapped and unable to see a bright future for themselves and the community they live in.

It is important to not only see the children in your country as future leaders, but the world’s children as well. We believe in connecting children together from all over the world.  It’s imperative to help give  children a voice when they are young and still feel dreams are possible. They are the future caretakers and will shape how our world will survive, evolve and nurture all of us.

How do we do this? Kids Share Workshops provides a safe place for children to express themselves, through the art of storytelling and art. Empowering children in a book building workshop, where they are in control of the final product and can proudly share with their family, communities and the world. Building a book of dreams together can empower children.

Our goal is to empower children with immersive, experiential, and multi-sensory creative arts with positive memories of our time together. Kids Share strives to provide a safe environment where kids can be kids. Through fun storytelling and co-created illustrations, they are able to freely express themselves in an environment where they are listened to, validated, and understood through a book making workshop.

“One child has the potential to empower and positively change their community, country and the world!”

The Mission of Kids Share Workshops since 2008 has always been to inspire and empower children around the world, to share his/her lives and communities through storytelling resulting in a published book.

*About the founder, Kristina Applegate and her humble beginnings.


*Kids Share Workshops and Publishing Inc. is a non-denominational organization. We respect the beliefs of all religions.**This website is redesigned and updated regularly. Our individual workshop websites become static one year after a workshop.

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