We thought it would  be good to share some of the uplifting feedback we receive often after a workshop.

Kids Share Zambia Workshop-Spring/Fall 2017

Rahsaan Graham, Senior Director for Child Protection and Education with World Vision USA

-Testimony from the upcoming Kids Share Zambia documentary film.

“This was the first time World Vision has partnered with another organization like Kids Share Workshops in our education and development work. It was a great opportunity and we wanted to take a look at Kids Share’s programming to make sure it was technically sound. I partnered with colleagues in World Vision from our Child Protection Sector, Education Sector, our Psycho Social Sector, Psycho Emotional Development Sectors, and Youth Workforce Development. And they all looked at the Kids Share curriculum and we decided this was a great opportunity for us to really focus and work with them.

We looked closely at their social and emotional aspects of learning, the self awareness that children have, to managing their feelings, motivation, empathy and even their social skills, and we saw that Kids Share’s curriculum fit right in the middle of the work that we were doing. We have built it into our first module in our Youth Ready work, Module One, Who am I? And who are we?

So, in our partnering with the two Zambian communities at the Bimbe Primary School and the Home of Hope, the Kids Share work has been a tremendous fit.”Rahsaan Graham, Senior Director for Child Protection and Education with World Vision USA

Newtown Totem Workshop-Spring 2015

momdaughterBefore the workshop:

My little man is super duper excited about doing Kids Share Workshop for the second time. He love, loved it the first time 2 years ago. So second time round would be even better. What a great way express creativity through art. This Kids Share Workshop starting end of this March is going to be awesome and a great way to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and make it NEW!!!!”-Mai Tran

“The girls and I are so excited to be a part of yet another amazing Kids Share Workshop next week!!!”-Beth Gallagher Hegarty

“Super Excited to be working with these amazing Ladies Next week! Thank you Kristina Applegate!”-Kathy Gramolini, 3rd Grade Teacher 

“What a great bunch of kids, volunteers, teachers, mothers…I was only there one day but WOW what an experience. You go girls…changing the world!” –Brenda Berda

After the workshop: 

WOW!!!! Omg the stories were amazing!!!! What an awesome job on the art and stories the kiddos did. Love, love it!!!! –Mai Tran

Amazing experience for all!!! Keep up the good work Kristina!-Beth Gallagher Hegarty

Testimony from Keith Storace, Psychologist in Melbourne Australia

“Kids Share Workshops’ mission to inspire self-expression in children echoes my personal and professional commitment to encourage a child’s healthy sense of self in the context of connecting with community. My interest in contributing to Kids Share Workshops stems from my chosen area of work that emphasizes the importance and impact of the child’s interpretation and belief about their environment and that art can be a welcomed catalyst for change within that environment.” Keith Storace, Psychologist

Feedback from Kids Share Newtown Workshop

This compilation of feedback comes directly from the statements written by parents on the questionnaire (seen here), which was distributed seven months after the workshop took place, when we returned to visit with the Newtown/Sandy Hook children and their families.  At this time, we also distributed the published books of the children’s artwork and writing which they had not yet seen.

What originally interested parents and/or their children in taking part in the KSW Newtown workshop:

“Kids Share Workshop is awesome and brings out the creativity of the mind, the kids love loved it!”-Newtown Parent

[It was] an opportunity for my son to express himself and [to] heal.”-Sandy Hook Parent

“My daughter saw a flyer indicating it was a writing workshop and she loves to write.”-Newtown Parent

“After the events that occurred here, I thought it would be wonderful for my child to write and put her thoughts elsewhere.”-Sandy Hook Parent

“[It offered] an excellent creative outlet.”-Sandy Hook Parent

“Team building.”-Newtown Parent

All parents and children who filled out the questionnaire indicated that the workshop met their expectations and they felt positively about the activities in the workshop.

“My child had so much fun.  She was excited every day to go.”

“It was an amazing opportunity to expand your imagination and creativity.”   ~Participant

“Loved, loved, loved them [the activities].  Loved the imaginative stories and activities that corresponded with them.”

“[They were] Fun, interesting, fun for everyone.”

All parents and children who filled out the questionnaire indicated that the Workshop Leaders/Teachers/Team Leaders were prepared and helpful:

“They are superheroes! J

“Word cannot express the leaders. They became our family.”

“[They were] compassionate, sensitive, and understanding.”

A few of their favorite things: what do you think was the best part of the program?

“The people”

“The friendships we still have after the workshop!”
This parent added “both of us”  in parentheses, indicating that both the parent and child formed lasting relationships.

“The leaders interacting with kids.”

“the creative story-writing.”

“getting [the opportunity] to work together.”

We asked what changes parents/children would make to the workshop:

One participant suggested we group the participants by age levels.

One parent suggested that the workshop be longer because it “felt rushed.”

Another parent wrote, “Do it more often here.”

What a wonderful experience.” ~ Parent of Sandy Hook Workshop Participant

Please read about us in The Newtown Bee! 

*Kids Share Workshops and Publishing Inc. is a non-denominational organization. We respect the beliefs of all religions.**This website is redesigned and updated regularly. Our individual workshop websites become static one year after a workshop.

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