Journey Home

BELOW, please see short video clips. 

We wanted to share our limited view by following a small group of student’s home in Zambia. Over the years founder, Kristina has followed children home living in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Costa Rica. She has been able to live with some of the families through Partners of the America’s support. It was a real opportunity to get a small glimpse of how difficult life can be living in a rural environment with little access to modern amenities. This is also very much an issue in the United States and not limited to just poorer regions of the world. However, for many teenagers and adults living in the developing world having plenty of access to modern amenities, it can be startling and emotionally upsetting to see this reality. In our Kids Share Books, you can read more about the children’s wishes for a brighter future.

*Please see Kathy’s Story, to hear from an adult’s perspective of how unsettling this reality can be if actually given the opportunity to experience it first hand.

Below: This is a very short clip of Phoebe beginning the journey home with three girls close to her age. She asked them, “Are you guys used to this heat? It does not phase you?”. They replied, “No.” Phoebe’s feet were very sore and she was not able to complete the full journey while traveling in flip flops before she was picked up by our driver. The Zambian girls had flat worn shoes that they traveled in daily to and from school with no one able to give them a safe ride home.

Below: Phoebe, 15 and Sophie, 18 from the United States share in conversation with Zambia girls attending to their afternoon chores.

Below: Kristina talks about her experience in Zambia walking the children home. She has experienced this in other countries like Nicaragua where children feared walking home and being mugged for their day’s earing in the coffee plantation.

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