Kathy’s Story

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Kathy joined Kids Share Zambia in 2017. Kathy wanted to share her unedited story with you to show us more gratitude for living in the developing parts of the world. Her very candid and emotional interview made the difference of cultures for a parent, but especially for children and teenagers. In the end, she made light of her sharing. But we were all impressed with the authentic and genuine interview she wanted to give to all of us.

*Please keep in mind these are raw/unedited footage and not scripted. Our talented and entertaining filmmaker Wari naturally brings out the realness in all of us!

Kathy shares her intimate perspective of her time in Zambia with Kids Share. We asked her if she wanted her story to be still shared two years later. Kathy did not hesitate by saying yes and, please share. We hope this touches you as much as it did all of us.

She talks about suicide with youth in the United States. She did not see any signs of suffering on that level with the children she worked with in Zambia.

Below: No Act! This short clip was meant to be just for us, but it captured the love and humor we had together. So hopefully you will see this was no act by Kathy!

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