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Rahsaan GrahamSenior Director for Child Protection and Education with World Vision USA

“This was the first time World Vision has partnered with another organization like Kids Share Workshops in our education and development work. It was a great opportunity and we wanted to take a look at Kids Share’s programming to make sure it was technically sound. I partnered with colleagues in World Vision from our Child Protection Sector, Education Sector, our Psycho Social Sector, Psycho Emotional Development Sectors, and Youth Workforce Development. And they all looked at the Kids Share curriculum and we decided this was a great opportunity for us to really focus and work with them.

We looked closely at their social and emotional aspects of learning, the self awareness that children have, to managing their feelings, motivation, empathy and even their social skills, and we saw that Kids Share’s curriculum fit right in the middle of the work that we were doing. We have built it into our first module in our Youth Ready work, Module One,Who am I? And who are we?

So, in our partnering with the two Zambian communities at the Bimbe Primary School and the Home of Hope, the Kids Share work has been a tremendous fit.”–Rahsaan GrahamSenior Director for Child Protection and Education with World Vision USA

-Testimony from the upcoming Kids Share Zambia documentary film.

Kids Share Publishing

finalmuralbimbepartydanceIn developing countries, an education is not a given right, but a privilege for those who can afford it. In these cases families are selling what little they have to keep their children in school and often can’t continue their education. In addition, children have a lot of chores in the early morning hours, walk far distances to school, are often hungry and worry about drought. By night, children try to study and read by candle light because electricity is too expensive. Yet astonishingly, they often give the biggest smiles with warm hearts. Through native songs and dance, children find solace in a very challenging childhood, often fraught with unimaginable loss.

Kids Share books, documentary film and online media, help to create a powerful voice for youth and their communities. Children who worry about their continued education, are hoping you will pay attention and hear their voice through Kids Share Workshops.

Stay tuned, as we share the beautiful stories, artwork and resilient lives of the children living in rural Zambia, Africa!

Kids Share Workshops is heading to Zambia, Africa with World Vision!


Kristina Applegate, founder of the non-profit organization Kids Share Workshops and Publishing, Inc., (KSWP) is very proud to announce that Kids Share Workshops and Publishing, Inc., working with  World Vision  US and Zambia”.  WVUSA  works to prevent and respond to abuse, neglect, exploitation, and all other forms of violence against children. Please continue reading and share! ForImmediateRelease.5.4.17.WV.KSW Visit our Kids Share Zambia Blog

Kids Share is Heading to Zambia!

*On May 19, please follow our daily blog posts: Kids Share Zambia and on Instagram.

Welcome to our first workshop with World Vision’s in Zambia! We are very excited to begin our journey May 18, 2017, in the Kapuluwe community near the capital of Lusaka. We will begin our 10 day workshop, May 22-June 2. Our team will work with two groups of children/teens. One will be in the morning at the House of Hope for teenage girls and in an afternoon classroom with a mix of boys and girls. **Please continue to read more: Kapuluwe, Zambia 5x7elephantandbaby

**Elephants and Lions: Paper Art Illustrations created by Kristina Applegate, Program Director and children in Kids Share Workshops.

We respect the beliefs of all religions. Kids Share Workshops, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization. ***Please read more about donating for workshop costs at: Workshop Donations

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