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(2022) I am Togolese, Who am I?

(2017) I am Zambian. Who am I? 

(2015)  Kids Share Totems

(2013) Newtown Book CoverKids Share Newtown Book (The first page is blank. Scroll down a page to read the entire story!)

(2010-2012) Kids Share Vermont & The Americas; Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Costa Rica

2008-2009 Kids Share Tibetan Children’s Villages & Vermont

Storytelling Creating Resiliency-More details below…

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Continent of Africa

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Read stories here: I am Togolese, Who am I?

2022 Kids Share Togo Workshop

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Stories from Togolese Children

2017 Kids Share Zambia Workshop 

The Kids Share Zambia book was made for the child and community who created the book with us. 

Follow the journey of school children living in rural Zambia with Kids Share Workshops and World Vision. Learn about their dreams for a better future and how they travel far for education and for their families who struggle to give them everything they can. And the girls and young women who safely want to grow into strong women and choose their futures. I am Zambian; Who Am I?

In developing countries, education is not a given right but a privilege for those who can afford it. In these cases, families sell what little they have to keep their children in school and often can’t continue their education. In addition, children have a lot of chores in the early morning hours, walk far distances to school, are often hungry, and worry about drought. Children try to study and read by candlelight at night because electricity is too expensive. Yet astonishingly, they often give the biggest smiles with warm hearts. Through native songs and dance, children find solace in a challenging childhood…

United States of America

2015 Kids Share Newtown Totems Workshop

(PDF Stories Only)

EagleHeart (large)Please enjoy reading the PDF file below for the children’s storytelling. After completing her/his personal illustration, each child took 15-30 minutes to write about a Native American Totem, Zodiac Animal. This simple and fun storytelling exercise connected the children to a totem through a cognitive awareness writing process. Next, each child enjoyed reading their unique story to the group. Please take a look at Newtown Totem Stories

2013 Kids Share Newtown Workshop

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Title: Kids Share Newtown: Adventures in Time Travel And Other Amazing Stories!

8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm) 

Welcome to Newtown, Connecticut, as seen through the eyes of its children. It is a place with a flagpole in the middle of Main Street and two-dollar movies at the old town hall. It is a place of afternoon sports practice, dance and music lessons, Scout meetings, play dates, and weekends filled with baseball games, Sunday school, and hikes in wooded parks. It is a place where the start of summer is marked by the reopening of the local ice cream stand, where autumn means apple-picking and hay mazes, and where winter brings historic homes alive with dazzling lights. It is a place of wonder, joy, belonging, and promise…

The Americas-Central

2012 Kids Share in Costa Rica, Oregon & Vermont Workshop  

(No book was published.)

Thanks to the support of Partners of the Americas volunteers, travel grants, and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters traveling funding, Kids Share Workshops was able to reach over 200 children in Costa Rica, Oregon, and Vermont!

With tremendous volunteer support from the Costa Rica Partners and Oregon, many children were able to experience paper art therapy and how to beautify recycled material. Although this was not our typical bookmaking workshop but a shortened art therapy program, we hope to return to a couple of Partners of the Americas communities in Oregon and Costa Rica and spend up to two weeks creating a book together.

2011 Kids Share in Guatemala & Vermont Workshop  

(No book was published.)

Thanks to the support of Partners of the Americas Guatemala chapter leaders and travel grants, Kids Share Workshops was able to reach a small community in Panajachel located on Lake Atitlan. Although this smaller workshop was not supported by Partners of the Americas volunteers, a connection was made with the Guatemala City Chapter.

With volunteer support from the Guatemalan Partners, our team was able to learn more about the many programs supported by Guatemalan volunteers. Kristina and her children enjoyed living with a host family in Guatemala City while meeting with the chapter board members and discussing future Book Making Workshop locations for two weeks.

2009-2010 Kids Share in Nicaragua & Vermont  Workshop 

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Kids Share San Ramon, Nicaragua and Vermont, United States of America: Cross Cultural-Book Building by [Nicaragua-Vermont, The Children of]

Kids Share San Ramon, Nicaragua and Vermont, United States of America: From North America to Central America, Awakening the artist and author inside …
(Volume 2) (English and Spanish Edition)
Nov 22, 2013, by El Roblar, Nicaragua, The Children Living in Vermont, U.S.A. and El Roblar, Nicaragua and Montpelier, Vermont, The Children of…

South Asia

2008-2009 Kids Share in India & Vermont  

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Kids Share Tibetan Children's Villages and Vermont, United States of America: Cross Cultural Sharing through Book-Building by [Children, Vermont Tibetan]8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm) 

Have fun exploring the first book in our Kids Share Workshops series as we bring children living in rural India together with those living in the U.S. through an exchange of art and ideas! Here kids from both cultures share a few of their lives, dreams, and what they care about. During the 2008-2009 school year, Kids Share Workshops and Publishing Inc. (KSWP) visited schools in Montpelier and Waterbury, Vermont, while sending a workshop package to the Tibetan Children’s Village in Bylakuppe, India. In each location, kids created visual art.

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