In this gallery, all the artwork displayed from 2008 to the present has paper art co-created by children worldwide who participated in Kids Share Workshops.

Please scroll down to read details and see 30 years of portraiture by Kristina Applegate, founder of Kids Share Workshops. (New pieces will be posted here)

Contact: | 802-917-3382

2021-2022 Personalized- Mixed Paper Art Renderings

Please consider purchasing a personalized portrait to help fund future Kids Share Workshops!

See Pricing details supporting Kids Share Workshops and Kristina Applegate.

Every portrait created has a story. The paper art used in the artwork is made by children who live worldwide and participated in Kids Share Workshops from 2008-Present. Options are personal portraits, signature portraits, animal portraits, and co-created community murals. 

Your personalized portrait purchase will fund a future Kids Share Workshops in a disadvantaged community either here in the United States or worldwide. 

**Pricing Details**Also shown on the home page header.

Thank you!

2008-2013 Famous Faces-Mixed Paper Art Renderings

Contact: | 802-917-3382
See Below

2008-2017 Community Youth Co-Created Murals

Contact: | 802-917-3382
See Below

Animal Renderings

Contact: | 802-917-3382
See Below

1990’s-2001 Mixed Famous Faces Renderings

Contact: | 802-917-3382

See Below

Mission Statement

Since 2008 Kids Share Workshop’s mission has always been to inspire and empower youth by working cross-culturally together, sharing lives and communities through storytelling, the creative arts, filmmaking and, community leadership projects. Our focus is on storytelling and the arts for social change.

*Created by Kristina Applegate, founder of Kids Share Workshops.

Contact: | 802-917-3382

Social change is the way human interactions and relationships transform cultural and social institutions over time, having a profound impact on society. … Sociologists define social change as changes in human interactions and relationships that transform cultural and social institutions.

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